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Here’s How Home Buyers and Sellers Can Stay Proactive & Position Themselves for a Post COVID-19 World 

Here’s How Home Buyers and Sellers Can Stay Proactive & Position Themselves for a Post COVID-19 World 

As the world starts to open up again after Covid-19, people in the Seattle area who were looking to buy or sell a home before the pandemic hit may be wondering if now is the time to get ready to get back on the market again. The answer is yes, and we are here to tell you how you can position yourself to make your real estate goals happen now, or in the future. 


For buyers and sellers: Stay up-to-date about the market 


If you were already in the process of buying or selling a house before Covid-19 hit, then you are likely already familiar with the market in Seattle, and maybe you have even been watching the market closely, so you’d be ready to go when the world started to open up again. If you are a buyer, as a Seattle realtor, we have good news for you, because Seattle is currently in a buyer’s market. The median home value in Seattle is $767,906, while values have gone up 2.2% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will fall -1.7% within the next year. If you are a seller, and you can wait it out, you might want to sit tight and see how the market fares in the coming months. Your agent is your best resource to discuss a strategy for your neighborhood. 


For sellers: Get your home in shape


With more homes available, that means your job as a seller is to make your home stand out. Beyond the typical task of staging — making the interior of your home look its best, through decluttering and adding tasteful home decor accents —  you need to take your home above and beyond. This could mean assessing your home’s curb appeal, by revamping your front yard, by adding fresh greenery with potted plants or a succulent garden. You can even take it a step further by painting your front door in an inviting or bright color. 


For buyers and sellers: Go virtual 


Getting comfortable with going virtual is the biggest shift in buying or selling a home right now because while shelter in place has been lifted, social distancing is still the norm and agents selling safely near you, are likely going virtual. For sellers, get your home’s online listing ready, if you haven’t already, and work with your agent to create a script and game plan to prepare for virtual showings. For buyers, be open to falling in love with a home on video, which you can then see in-person to make your crucial final decision. 


For buyers: Research your dream home


With so many homes on the market right now, it’s key to know exactly what you want, so you can focus on it and go after it. Do you want a big open yard, or a home on the water? Or maybe you dream of a chef-ready kitchen. You can take advantage of virtual home tours to get a better sense of the options without making too much of a time investment. 


Dealing with uncertainty isn’t easy, especially when it comes to a major life decision like buying or selling a home. The best way for buyers and sellers to stay proactive is to stay informed about the market and have clear real estate goals, to make it easier to achieve them.