Zillow foreclosures / Pre-foreclosures


These properties on are public records Zillow pulls from county or online to give CASH investors an idea of what MAY go to auction. The moment you contact me they are not for sale. Typically if they are a pre-foreclosure it means the owner was given a notice of trustees sale and they have a determined amount of time to payoff their debt before foreclosure. This can last years before action is taken. and if they resolve their debt it should be removed from Zillow’s site in a given time as county updates it and thus Zillow updates. If they do not, typically they will go to auction first but not always (again cash only{ to find this info go to Zillows Source on the page itself to find online or live auction dates})  they may come for sale anywhere from tomorrow up to many years and their investors will not accept offers from an individual as it is in the investors best interest to get multiple bids and raise the price to get their best return wherever and whenever they decide to list on the open market.

Weather you have the cash or not, I can help you with traditional sales on the market to include bank owned that are actively listed.  CLICK HERE to contact me or go to the HOME PAGE to learn more about my services.

Note: I do not represent the bank or homeowner. I am a paid advertiser on Zillow. These properties are not for rent…


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